Committed to your Compliance with Confidence

Your recognised and seasoned Independent Regulatory Compliance Auditor

Your recognised and seasoned Independent Regulatory Compliance Auditor

Center of Excellence for Compliance Management

Your trusted Training institution for all Regulatory & AML/CFT matters

Your trusted Training institution for all Regulatory & AML/CFT matters

Connecting Regulation to your Vision

Your creative problem solver for Regulatory and AML/CFT issues

Your creative problem solver for Regulatory and AML/CFT issues


We have spent more than 30 years perfecting our approach. With our specialized experience, we have developed a specific knowledge to help you enter a new market or keep you in your current one. We help, advise and guide you through the latest regulations which will impact your company.


As former regulator, outsourced compliance officer and independent compliance consultant, we have the expertise to understand complex situations, solve challenging regulatory and compliance related problems, and instill confidence with regulators, authorities, corporate boards and committees.


We work on Client-Centric Regulatory Compliance service model based on the broad spectrum of our experience. We tailor our service and solutions to each client’s needs, helping them identify and address compliance issues before they become breaches.


Welcome to the CompFidus Group of Companies, a dynamic conglomerate established in August 2018, amidst the first major strides to overhaul the AML/CFT legal and regulatory system in Mauritius. The Group specialises in regulatory compliance, with particular focus on the fight against Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction affecting a wide range of industries, including inter-alia Finance, Real Estate Development, Jewellery & Dealers in Precious Metals and Stone and Hospitality & Leisure. Over the years, sustained by the 30 years of professional experience in regulation and compliance of the founder, Lista Sarika SUBDHAN, the Group has carved its footprints in the regulatory arena, establishing its good repute for the delivery of innovative solutions in a timely manner, acting with integrity, and meeting , if not exceeding, the expectations of its customers and other stakeholders.

Our Mission at Compfidus Group is to help our clients meet their regulatory and compliance obligations while being at the forefront in the fight against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Our Vision at Compfidus Group is to be your benchmark in the field of AML/CFT Regulatory and Compliance.

The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that a dreamer has his eyes closed and a visionary has his eyes open


Self growth

Just as the strongest trees have weathered the most turbulent storms and emerged even stronger, we believe that businesses can benefit from overcoming challenges and adversity. With our vast professional experience, we are here to help you build resilience and strength in your business. Our commitment is to ensure that you are better prepared to weather any regulatory and legal storms that may come your way.

As above so below

The Tree of Life is a prime example of the concept of “As Above, So Below.” How strong and flourishing the tree appears on the outside is solely dependent on the depth of its roots. In our organization, we adhere to the "We walk the talk" philosophy, wherein we apply what we advocate. We firmly believe that it is crucial to uphold the same principles and values that we endorse to others because we understand that authenticity plays a vital role in accomplishing significant and lasting transformation.


No two trees are uniform. Just like humans, each tree has experienced unique growth, difficulties, and environmental factors. Likewise, we prioritize tailored solutions that have been shown to be more effective, pertinent, and valuable in meeting the specific goals and expectations of our clients.


If every tree had to grow in the same, uniform shape, most trees wouldn’t survive, because trees must be adaptable in order to thrive. You, as a human, won’t thrive if you’re too rigid in your expectations of life– just like a tree. Compfidus is adept at promptly adjusting to modifications and updates in the AML/CFT framework of Mauritius and other relevant laws. By doing so, we assist our stakeholders in not just surviving, but thriving in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Oneness and Connection

If you observe the Tree of Life symbol, you’ll see the way that the deep roots fan out in all directions, while at the same time, the branches reach skyward in the same pattern. This symbolizes the way that you, and all living beings, are connected to both Mother Earth and to the Universe. We recognize the value of connectivity and interdependence in compliance and regulatory business, and help businesses foster accountability and responsible practices through effective frameworks.


We know, scientifically, that the deeper a tree’s roots stretch, the more resistant they are to harsh weather. Similarly, we humans must ground ourselves with reverence for the Earth and for our physical bodies. Our assistance is aimed at helping you remain firmly rooted in your beliefs and objectives, enabling you to navigate the dynamic business landscape with confidence and stability.


 It is recognized that trees allowed humanity to prosper, and that without trees, human life could not thrive. Just as trees are essential for human prosperity, we believe that guiding companies through regulatory matters is crucial for their sustainable growth and success. By doing so, we not only help companies achieve their goals but also contribute to the well-being of their stakeholders and the broader society.