We are an independent and privately-owned regulatory and compliance consultancy firm

Who we are

CompFidus Ltd is an independent and privately-owned Regulatory and Compliance Consultancy Firm set up to accompany organisations and/or prospective businesses to meet the regulatory criteria.

We help them obtain their required licence and/or authorisation, set up their internal compliance and governance framework, implement and manage their regulatory obligations and empower their staff with focused compliance and regulatory training.

We assist you to navigate the maze of compliance regulations

We help you drive your business to the top seamlessly

We bring a fresh perspective and hands-on experience to you

We are committed to your compliance with confidence

How we can help

Regulatory compliance offers a business much more than the opportunity to prevent risks, mistakes and contraventions; it shows the best way to manoeuvre through options and prospects.

Like in any game, knowing the rules to optimally use them, constitutes a key component of managing a business successfully, similarly, regulatory compliance is not just a defensive strategy – it is the game plan on how to win and CompFidus can take you seamlessly through it.

Meet our Founder and Managing Director


Sarika Subdhan

CompFidus Ltd is led by Sarika SUBDHAN, a professional of high calibre with a proven track record as the former Head of Surveillance and Head of Global Business at the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

She has been actively engaged in the Global Business sector for more than 30 years now, out of which she spent 14 years charting the regulatory framework governing this sector from the FSC’s end, 6 years heading an international company involved in the funds industry and the last 10 years acting as consultant for compliance and regulation matters.

Today, garnered with her regulatory experience combined to her knowledge of the funds and financial services industry and compliance consultancy realm, she is well geared up to assist you to set up your internal compliance structure, tidy your compliance records and guide, coach and mentor your compliance team, if you already have one. She is supported in this undertaking by a Team as well as amenities such as search engines recognised by regulatory bodies and financial institutions internationally.

In a nutshell, CompFidus Ltd has the required skills, experience, equipment and above all recognition of the industry, to accompany you with confidence along the compliance trail, including devising customised compliance solutions to address your specific areas of concern.

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We share our ideas and diverse experiences, grow professionally and personally, and collaborate to create a better future for our people, our clients and our partners. We team up with market leading stakeholders for the highest quality and most comprehensive guidance possible.