We are an independent and privately owned registered training institution approved by the
Mauritius Qualifications Authority

Who we are?

We inform, educate, train, inspire and accompany professionals to reach regulatory compliance by excellence, thereby assisting the Mauritian Jurisdiction to upgrade its technical compliance with international norms and recommendations. Our courses provide the opportunity to learn directly from true experts in the compliance and regulatory field.

We are a sister company of CompFidus Ltd (which specializes in Independent Audits) and CompFidus Solutions Ltd (which specialized in the provision of regulatory and compliance services). By learning with CompFidus Mentoring Ltd you will leverage our proven expertise in the financial industry.

Why train with us?

We have been providing training courses to professionals in the banking and financial sector for over 10 years. When you train with us you leverage our deep experience and connection to the financial industry. Our training courses will provide you with enhanced knowledge, techniques, and practical skills to reach your legal and regulatory objectives.

Our founder and director


Sarika Subdhan

CompFidus Ltd & CompFidus Mentoring Ltd are both spearheaded by Sarika SUBDHAN, a professional of high caliber with a proven track record, as the former Head of Surveillance and Global Business at the FSC, as well as a Part- Time lecturer at the University of Mauritius since 2011.

As an approved and Registered Trainer Level NQF Level 8 with the MQA since 2015, she has delivered courses to various boards of directors in banks, management companies, hotels, travel agencies, real estate agencies and other senior officers including designated (Deputy) Money Laundering Reporting Officers and Compliance Officers. We also deliver online courses for professionals abroad.