We deliver robust regulatory compliance know-how to various industries, factoring in the specific regulations, rules, norms and guidelines governing each of them.

Financial Sector

Mauritius being an international financial services centre of substance and repute, the financial services industry is characterized by strong regulation. We bring our expertise to combine a business-friendly environment with seamless regulatory compliance, risk management and assurance services to a wide array of players operating mainly in the following sectors

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Global Business
  • Investment Advisors
  • CIS Managers
  • Asset Management
  • Payment Intermediaries
  • Family Offices

Cross Border Financial Services

The Financial Services sector is interlinked with international capital markets and cross border transactions. The risks involved in providing cross-border financial services are rising constantly in line with increasing regulatory complexity and more rigorous enforcing laws since the global financial crisis. Financial service providers that provide services and products into other countries must comply with the rules of the host country and find themselves confronted with an increasing number of country-specific regulations. We help you manage these complexities through the design of robust and dependable cross-border frameworks to master market-specific requirements.

Fintech Services

Regulation applied to fintech is still at the inception stages but is constantly and rapidly evolving. Today, regulators are increasingly coming to terms with how to make sure fintech companies are compliant in a financial regulatory environment, without stifling the innovation that makes them so appealing to consumers.

Our expertise and understanding allow us to quickly understand your business model, determine what category of firm you are, what the products are that your offer, and also the specific regulatory requirements thereof.

We then work with you to make sure that collaboration with regulators and other authorities becomes your priority and that you stay on top of the latest compliance developments. In brief, we assist you in managing your growing exposure to regulatory requirements, sanctions, and legal actions.

Hospitality and Leisure

With a park of over 100 hotels and more than one million tourists travelling to our island annually, hospitality has been growing at a sustained rate over the years. The country is known to be a leading destination for holidays, conferences and seminars particularly for Europeans. Accordingly, our hospitality sector including travelling agencies that work with information relating to EU citizens have to comply with the requirements of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Mauritius Data Protection Act. We help hotels and all related businesses to set in place practices and processes for dealing with personal data. We also assist them to establish proper corporate governance framework.

Jewellery and Dealers in Precious Metals and Stone

The continued evolution of money laundering techniques led the FATF and the Mauritius FIU to subject Jewellers and Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones to the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism requirements. We implement the FATF recommendations and the FIU Guidelines to the business of Jewellers and Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones to ensure that they are not being used directly or indirectly by criminals to channel illicit money.

Real Estate Developers and Construction Agents

Whilst Mauritius is experiencing continuous land development, with a rising number of projects being launched under the Smart City Scheme and Property Development Scheme or large scale high value real estate developments and sales are being actively promoted to international investors, we should not overlook the fact that the Real Estate Sector remains a gateway used by Money Launderers to integrate their laundered proceeds into the legitimate economy. We provide Compliance guidance to real estate and construction agents on their obligations to deter, detect, conduct Customer Due Diligence and report Money Laundering activities as recommended by the FATF, the International Monetary Fund in its Assessment Report of September 2018 and the Mauritius FIU Guidelines.

Manufacturing & Industrials

Manufacturers and Industrials face elevated risk when dealing with large global supply chains, downstream manufacturing by worldwide affiliates, and frequent international trade. Multinational business practices also raise concerns with sales, operations, and joint ventures reaching into countries known for high levels of corruption, industrial espionage, and illegal export diversion. By taking an inclusive approach to regulatory compliance, we support companies to best manage their compliance risks, craft tailored internal controls, set proper corporate governance framework, conduct frequent training, and coordinate ethical standards across the entire organisation. We ensure seamless International Compliance.