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All our training courses are approved by the MQA and eligible for HRDC refunds.

CompFidus Mentoring's range of training courses

Mrs. Sarika Subdhan is an MQA Approved trainer and all training courses offered are duly registered with the MQA. Accordingly, all courses offered are eligible for HRDC refund varying between 60% to 75%, depending on your contribution to the training levy. Courses can also be delivered on Saturdays upon request, to better suit the exigencies of work or as part of Team Building initiatives.

The topics proposed are listed hereafter. The list is not exhaustive and requests for special topics to address specific topics / prevailing issues can also be devised.

  1. AML/CFT for beginners and AML/CFT for senior management, Compliance Officers & MLROs (the content of the course varies depending on the level of understanding of the participants)
  2. Implementing Proper Corporate Governance Framework within your Organisation
  3. Ethics at work
  4. Compliance with FATCA
  5. Conduct of CRS due diligence
  6. Company Structures and legal arrangements (CIS, Foundations, Trusts, challenges of Management Companies, etc.)
  7. Managing within the law (an insight of all applicable laws pertaining to the financial services sector)
  8. Employment Laws
  9. Disciplinary Actions related to Human Resources
  10. GDPR
  11. Managing Information in the global business sector
  12. Applying Governance, Risk & Compliance to your organisation
  13. Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers
  14. Role and Responsibilities of Company Secretaries
  15. AML/CFT applied to Virtual Assets Service Providers under the new law

Need a learning solution that's more tailored to you?

All our courses can be tailored to your organization and delivered at a time, place and pace that best suits you. We can also develop bespoke learning solutions for your needs.

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